Tyra Banks is a Mom, y’all!

Her struggle with fertility was well documented, but who knew Tyra even had a man? Apparently,  she did for two years, and they both welcome a son named, York. He was delivered via surrogate.

Hmm… York?

I might need a minute on that one.

Here are the proud parents. Tyra met the babby daddy on America’s Top Model in Europe. He’s Norwegian and is/was a photographer on the show.



Check Out Tyra Banks — Looking Regular!

This isn’t the glamorous, Victoria Secret Angel, Tyra we know. She’s just the regular Tyra doll without the weave, double Spanx, and makeup. She’s just out in town doing regular stuff, pumping gas no less, because she’s regular Tyra. I don’t think we’ll see this special model on a cover of Vogue, but you can see her on this site.

Ditching the glam: Tyra Banks dressed down as she made a gas station run in West Hollywood, California on Saturday 

Now, there will be haters. I guess she won’t cry over what they have to say, since her mascara is too damn expensive to waste on hateration.