Yes, It Can Happen! Channing Tatum Can Majic Mike You On The JOb!

This will never happen to you or me, but we can see it happen to someone like us. This woman was working her job at the gas station in North Carolina. I’m figuring she never thought an actor would roll up in that joint, but it did happen. Watch and see Channing Tatum and this chick, who is holding her own up against him.



It’s About Time!

Here is my book trailer that I have been sitting on for a very long time. Hope you enjoy it.

Tess in Temptation

Tess in Temptation (Tess Series Book 1) by [Noel,L]

The book is free for Kindle Unlimited at:




Brangelina No More

Okay, who’s laughing louder than Jennifer Anniston right now?  What’s the saying? The way you get them is the way you lose them? Well, if the rumors are true, Brad has stepped out on another wife with his co-star, Marion Cottilard. However, there’s no way Angie is going down like that, and there’s talk that she didn’t like how Brad was raising the kids. Yet, the official word is …. you guessed it irreconcilable differences.


It’s Official! Tess in Temptation is Live!

My first book just dropped, and it’s everything. Check out all the lights and watch me function:

Romance, passion, and love can all feel and taste the same. Though, sometimes there is one ingredient that separates them all. Tess just wants a fine man to hear her cry for passion. She just doesn’t want this; she needs it. She craves it.

Every day, she searches at the same place for this secret ingredient and comes up short. Then, came a night when she least expects it. She gets the equivalent of a 6′ 4″ tall dark package of seasoning to sample. One thing, she is not aware of is how potent that substance could be to her system. Then, a single taste on her tongue electrifies her soul and sends her to the stratosphere. Obviously, this isn’t any ordinary spice in her curry powder.

Which Hot British Actor Is Your Soulmate?

God said let there be sexy men, so you just play along with this and get you a hottie. Easy Peasy!

I got Tom Hiddleston. Hmmm. .  . I’m thinking  I did good based. He’s a little pasty, but I guess that’s just like sweet cake without the lemon frosting.


Click on the link to play along. Maybe, you will land a hottie like: Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, or Tom Hardy.

Beyonce Breaks the Superbowl!

Beyonce definitely stole it from Cold Play, standing in as Jay Z in sexy drag singing her song, Formation. She worked it hard and nearly slipped for an epic fall, but bees fly – not slide. Now, I got a beef or two with the song. A glaring one is the shout out to Red Lobster of all places.   WTF?  I guess she was trying to keep it hood, or she must have stock.  I saw the video, and I love the look of it. The song doesn’t have a hook, but neither do a lot of songs on the radio. That’ll be all folks. I don’t want the beehives swarming down on me.

Justin Bieber in the Nude, Y’all!

Well, it was like yesterday, when we all saw Justin Bieber’s naked ass on some boat, but now, he was caught in some island locale in his birthday suit.

That’s the fully monty if you’re in the UK, and I guess there was something in those Calvins.

In this pics, that I’m not sure I can post on my front page, Justin is looking more like a trashy porn star working Santa Monica Blvd. circa 1983, He’s rocking the bad bleach job too, and I am wondering who went on this vacation with him.

There’s someone in the background in a robe. That’s a mystery needing to be solve there. Can’t tell, if it’s Selena Gomez or Floyd Mayweather. My guess is that it’s his latest squeeze, Jayde Pierce.

Here’s the link to little Bieber:

Really, Kim?

Is Kim Kardashian that desperate to have all eyes on her? Apparently, she is, because I have seen a naked preggo photo that she fancies to post on Instagram,


Then, it’s this hot mess of a photo shoot. What, is mother in the garden, inviting everyone into the gate? Is Kim toppling over from the sheer weight of big butt? That’s a sexy fail, as photo shoots go. I will give her selfie preggo pic props, but this is not on fleek.

Poor Kim has lost her mind and Kanye never had his…


Or is Kim trying to compete with her now legal sister, Kylie Jenner? I see the hair is the same.


Lenny Kravitz Is That You?

I know what the audience members were thinking. “Damn, I get all that and a cock ring for these front row seats!”

Wow, in a nutshell, Lenny Kravitz busted loose in his sexy leather pants, and there was no underwear in sight, it was all just Lil’ Lenny flapping in the wind.

Lenny Kravitz designs for TOMS shoes.

Kenny and his man tool is all there for the price of admission. Click on link. I hope it’s still there.