Justin Bieber in the Nude, Y’all!

Well, it was like yesterday, when we all saw Justin Bieber’s naked ass on some boat, but now, he was caught in some island locale in his birthday suit.

That’s the fully monty if you’re in the UK, and I guess there was something in those Calvins.

In this pics, that I’m not sure I can post on my front page, Justin is looking more like a trashy porn star working Santa Monica Blvd. circa 1983, He’s rocking the bad bleach job too, and I am wondering who went on this vacation with him.

There’s someone in the background in a robe. That’s a mystery needing to be solve there. Can’t tell, if it’s Selena Gomez or Floyd Mayweather. My guess is that it’s his latest squeeze, Jayde Pierce.

Here’s the link to little Bieber:


Mariah vs. Nick!

She's back! Mariah Carey has recharged her music career with the release of her new single Infinity on Sunday

In honor of the biggest fight ever- Paquiao vs. Mayweather, I guess pop divas got to get in on it. Mariah Carey decided to go in the ring swinging on her latest song.

Is this a woman scorned and this is her payback? You be the judge. Mariah Carey relased her latest song, and here are her lyrics:

Is it lack of ice got you so cold?/Have you ever felt this on your own?/Why you tryin’ to play like you’re so grown?/Everything you own boy you still owe.’

Mariah’s latest single sounds as if she is going after Nick, but Mariah says it isn’t so. Her song, Infinity is all about loving yourself first. Translation Mariah doesn’t insult people. She describes them accurately.

Check out the tune if you will in its entirety:

Hmmm… what can I make out from this catchy tune? I say Mariah technically wins, because she is dissing him left and right.  So, I’m 90% sure she doesn’t like Nick, but I’m a 100% sure he doesn’t care.