OMG, A Gingerbread Castle!

I’ve never seen such over the top, beautiful, edible art, and I don’t even like gingerbread. However, I do appreciate the dedication to create something so beautiful with such a unique flair. People, I present to you the castle.

What I love about this creation is that it has an interior just like any other dwelling. Much like any home for Christmas, it has a tree.


That has got to be my favorite. I just love the little yummy presents.

Here is the artist, Imgurian Christine H McConnell, admiring her kingdom.







Wow, the colors of the rainbow shine bright even at the White House!

Kudos for those who never had the right to marry, whom they wanted. Now, they get a chance to be saddled with a ball and chain all under the rainbow of marriage equality. Seriously, this is wonderful, and I love how Obama is rocking the foundation. I guess he is telling everyone change or be left behind.

Marriage Equality!