Have You Heard of the Mannequin Challenge?

It’s crazy but quite simple. The social media craze is sweeping the nations, and I feel you must be up to speed. The manequin challenge is basically setting a scene and holding a pose.

The Dallas Cowboys, who are 7 in 1, this year took the challenge, and it’s totally cool.


Another Effen Challenge!

First we had the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Food Stamp one, and now fools are doing this Kylie Jenner challenge. Okay, here’s the task, suction your lips, risk breaking your blood vessels, to obtain that full lip look.

Except, I’m thinking I got your suctioning, but where’s the collagen? I would need it if I were to do this thing. Right? Since, everything about Kylie is fake. Her hair, her boobs, her lips, and her booty, ┬áThis girl is so plastic; she was made in China.

kylie jenner plastic surgery before and after photos nose job

Still, people believe the foolery, so they try to suction their lips and post it on social media. Well, we are going to have a laugh.

Gosh, have you ever looked at someone and wondered who ties their shoes?