Justin Bieber in the Nude, Y’all!

Well, it was like yesterday, when we all saw Justin Bieber’s naked ass on some boat, but now, he was caught in some island locale in his birthday suit.

That’s the fully monty if you’re in the UK, and I guess there was something in those Calvins.

In this pics, that I’m not sure I can post on my front page, Justin is looking more like a trashy porn star working Santa Monica Blvd. circa 1983, He’s rocking the bad bleach job too, and I am wondering who went on this vacation with him.

There’s someone in the background in a robe. That’s a mystery needing to be solve there. Can’t tell, if it’s Selena Gomez or Floyd Mayweather. My guess is that it’s his latest squeeze, Jayde Pierce.

Here’s the link to little Bieber:


Really, Kim?

Is Kim Kardashian that desperate to have all eyes on her? Apparently, she is, because I have seen a naked preggo photo that she fancies to post on Instagram,


Then, it’s this hot mess of a photo shoot. What, is mother in the garden, inviting everyone into the gate? Is Kim toppling over from the sheer weight of big butt? That’s a sexy fail, as photo shoots go. I will give her selfie preggo pic props, but this is not on fleek.

Poor Kim has lost her mind and Kanye never had his…


Or is Kim trying to compete with her now legal sister, Kylie Jenner? I see the hair is the same.


Justin Beiber Breaks the Internet!

Well, Justin was trying, or maybe, he was doing his best Blue Lagoon act. Here is his little naked bottom in Bora Bora. I guess Bieber’s beliebers are freaking out over his latest tweet of his ass. They can thank the inspiration from the famewhore of all famewhores, Kim Kardashian, but I say Biebs, you better get down with some squats.

Wait, what am I talking about — skip all that — and head to the good doc for some fat injections, Don’t walk — run — since the latest things on the market is a man made ass.

Another Effen Challenge!

First we had the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Food Stamp one, and now fools are doing this Kylie Jenner challenge. Okay, here’s the task, suction your lips, risk breaking your blood vessels, to obtain that full lip look.

Except, I’m thinking I got your suctioning, but where’s the collagen? I would need it if I were to do this thing. Right? Since, everything about Kylie is fake. Her hair, her boobs, her lips, and her booty,  This girl is so plastic; she was made in China.

kylie jenner plastic surgery before and after photos nose job

Still, people believe the foolery, so they try to suction their lips and post it on social media. Well, we are going to have a laugh.

Gosh, have you ever looked at someone and wondered who ties their shoes?

Wait did Grandma’s dentures slip into Drake’s mouth?

Well, I think it’s a possibiiity judging by Drake’s reaction to the UNPLANNED kiss attack. According to Drake’s people, he wasn’t offended by Madonna cougar smooch. The reason he looked disgusted was due to the barely there lipstick.

In the words of Amy Winehouse, “What kind of Fukry is that?”


Really, Kris Jenner — You Have a Nude Video

Bleach my eyes — Kris Jenner has kept up with her daughter Kim Kardashian, and now, there is a nude video of her floating around somewhere.

Apparently, there was a break in, a surveillance camera was stolen, and somehow what was on the cloud is now in the hands of an extortionist. My head is spinning, but I think that’s it in a nutshell.

Man, is there any other business in that family besides ho business?



Iggy Out!

She’s done with social media, because she can’t take the heat. This comes on the heels of cellulite gate. Here are her exact words: I feel the hatred and pettiness i see online at all times is at making me become an angry person and I cannot be that.”

Who knows perhaps, she’ll hire someone to handle social media for her. Personally, I think she’s too thin skinned to take the heat, and that will explain her twiiter battles. Oh, well, I think she should stick with social media. She is a pop star, so she needs to be out there with her fans. Maybe, it would be wise to hire someone to handle the social media, but I don’t think she can afford to bail out of it.


The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Homes

I love looking at homes. It really doesn’t matter who is the owner, but when it is a celeb…. well, it gets more interesting. I believe you really get a look at a person personality by looking at their home, especially when they have the money to decorate. Unlike us mere mortals, who might have to sacrifice taste for the price tag.

Anyway, I think a home is a case study of pop divas such as: Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Miley, Shakira, and I got the link to prove it. There are also photos of the homes of Kim Kardashian and A-listers like George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

Oh, it gets lovelier and lovelier. It’s crazy sexy and beautiful.

Kim Kardashian in Love Magazine

Didn’t we see this before? Well, this time the rumor mill says Kim’s doing a cover for Love magazine.

The magazine is not out yet with this cover. However, my sources did catch a message from Kim.

It reads: Hey guys, I love you with all of my ass. Now, I would say heart, but my butt is bigger.

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