Dear Fat People . . .

Wow, I take a break from the internet, and I see there is a viral war going on, between some chick who isn’t too proud to boast that her hair color could possibly be hairspray or semen. Anyway, a youtube blogger, Nicole Arbour said some valid and some very invalid things, like encouraging fat shaming.

She’s trying to deliver a message, a strong message. People, who are obese need to take steps to reduce their weight. Yet, I haven’t met an overweight person, who hasn’t had that message pounded into their brain.

My nephew has lost 40 pounds, and he’s in it for the long haul. It’s not going to be easy, but he wants to get back on the rides at amusement parks.

Overall, Fat Shaming “comedy” — like Nicole dishes out — does fat people no good at all – but neither do the “Fat Acceptance” groups. Fat should not be “accepted”, but it should not be laughed at either,