Well, Damn Pam! I mean, Amber!

Amber Rose revealed on her podcast that she’s not down with the threesome. In fact, she said she was losing sleep over it. It was the kind that was guy short and she was one of two chicks, and this is how she kicks off her podcast. Amber says she’ll never do a threesome again. Well, unless she can change the dynamic. She didn’t name any names, but the word on the streets is that the menage went down VMA weekend.

Paging party of three! Kim, Kanye, and Rose!

I did hear Kanye give her a shout-out!


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Kathy Griffin Quits! Okay, This can get Interesting!

Kathy didn’t say much, but she tweeted she’s bowing out. Apparently, she’s not liking how nasty Fashion Police has gotten, and she doesn’t feel it fits her brand of humor. Oh, if that show’s walls could talk, but all we have is speculation.

How do we fill in the blanks?

My mind races, and then I realize not giving a care has worked wonders for me.

So, right or way off track — I immediately jump to casting.

We have Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose’s feud overshadowing the show, and there does not seem to be any signs of intelligent life between those two.

Perhaps, Kathy knows the producers are salivating over this bodacious Booty Duo. Perhaps, they can’t make up their simple minds, so they are entertaining the thought of bringing them both on-board. We know it would be must see reality TV train wreck — to have both Amber and Khloe on the panel.  Meow!

So, Kathy must have debated to stay or to go? If she stayed, she would have to put herself into a drunken stupor in order to avoid listening to the Booty Duo try to talk and breathe at the same time. Sadly, she chose her health. That’s the story. You heard it here first!

Round Two! Amber and Khloe Fight for Fashion Police!

Wow, these two are now duking it out for a J-O-B! Well, it’s not any gig, it’s to be a commentator on Fashion Police. Some time ago, Khloe Kardashian was asked to do the show, but she turned it down.

Flash forward — Kelly Osbourn quits and a slot is magically available. Names are tossed out and Amber is one of them and so is Khloe.

Hold up — wait a minute!

The thirst gets real.

Now, that Amber is in the running, rumor has it that Khloe is saying she’ll work on the show for free. OMG! Who does that?

A rich witch, I’ll tell you.

Really, Khloe? You had your stab at this gig, but you didn’t want it. Initially, you said it didn’t pay enough coins — now, you want to work for free?

Look, is clear what this is about — Big Booty Revenge.

Somehow, Khloe got butt hurt, because Amber Rose called out her sisters, Kylie and Kim.

Amber won those battles. Now, it’s personal; I guess.

Who can forget that the Kardashian’s signed that $80 to $100 million contract, Khloe doesn’t need the job, but that gig would mean a whole lot to Amber. Plus, Khloe had her chance at hosting a show with the X Factor, and she bombed. MISERABLY!

If the Powers That Be are listening — hear this:

Amber Rose needs a shot. She needs a come-up!

My goodness, Khloe is like that one crazy wheel on a grocery cart that needs to stay in its lane.

Kardashian and Amber Is This the Tweet War of the Year

Okay, remember high school? Well, if you’re trying to suppress the memories — better luck next time. However, if you want to recall them… you’re in luck and this might help.

Amber Rose (Kanye’s ex) and Khloe (Kanye’s sister-in-law) are battling. It’s been going on for a couple of days, and the dust hasn’t settled or has it? Did I hear Rose call Khloe OJ’s kid? Man, the gloves are off.  Kim and Kylie are keeping quiet, as well as they should.

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