It’s About Time!

Here is my book trailer that I have been sitting on for a very long time. Hope you enjoy it.

Tess in Temptation

Tess in Temptation (Tess Series Book 1) by [Noel,L]

The book is free for Kindle Unlimited at:





It’s Official! Tess in Temptation is Live!

My first book just dropped, and it’s everything. Check out all the lights and watch me function:

Romance, passion, and love can all feel and taste the same. Though, sometimes there is one ingredient that separates them all. Tess just wants a fine man to hear her cry for passion. She just doesn’t want this; she needs it. She craves it.

Every day, she searches at the same place for this secret ingredient and comes up short. Then, came a night when she least expects it. She gets the equivalent of a 6′ 4″ tall dark package of seasoning to sample. One thing, she is not aware of is how potent that substance could be to her system. Then, a single taste on her tongue electrifies her soul and sends her to the stratosphere. Obviously, this isn’t any ordinary spice in her curry powder.