Month: April 2018

Beyonce – Coachella – Beychella


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“Y’all ready Coachella?,” she asked the crowd as she opened her set, becoming the first woman of color to headline the music festival in Indio, California.

She brought out all of the stops — even wardrobe malfunctions with the straps of her tops and even the boots.  Joining Beyonce on stage were her step dancers and even old bandmates from Destiny’s Child.


For nearly two hours, Beyoncé revealed surprise after surprise. Wow, that’s almost worth the $425 general admission ticket along with camping out in the desert to sweat among the masses!
Well, Beyonce wasn’t there alone on stage. She sang “Deja Vu” with her husband, Jaz-Z and danced with her sister, Solange.
Hmmm. . . danced with her sister. . . I’m with this twitter follower. How did they not sing one word together?
According to Solange, her wig slid back seven inches from Beyonce’s excellence.
Well, if Solange is happy, I can’t be salty, and it does seem to be a thing they do for each other when they perform at Coachella.

Khloe is now Officially a Baby Mama!

Happy reveal: She also tweeted, 'I'm SO happy we captured all this!! Such a blessing to have all of these memories forever!' Here she is holding niece Dream

With many trials and errors leading up to the birth, Ms. Khloe gave birth to a little baby girl Thursday morning near Cleveland.  The Kardashians with names starting with a “K” were there.  In order of seniority, it was Kim, Kris, and Kourtney.  Khloe’s BFF Malika was there along with two-timer, Tristan Thompson and maybe, perhaps, his next baby mama.

If you haven’t heard, Tristan cheated in October and as early as a few days leading up to the birth.

Oh, snaps!

It’s what he did to his first baby mama when he left her for Khloe.

Has anyone told Khloe that how you get them is how you lose them?

Does she know Karma?

It does start with the letter K.

This is baby number one for Khloe and Tristan, but the cheating on a pregnant girlfriend is not new to Tristan. In fact, Khloe played the role of the next chick, when Tristan cheated on his pregnant girlfriend for her.

Flash forward and it’s Ground Hog’s day or Karma or onto the next chick.

Anyway. . .




Slay, Child!

Apparently, the firstborn Carter comes with a stylist. Last I checked, Blue Ivy is six.

Jay-Z, Blue Ivy and Beyonce attend the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018 in New York City.

Blue Ivy Carter, the heir to the Jay Z and Beyoncé legacy, likely is just a normal six year old in a lot of ways, but being a child of the Carters comes with certain privileges, in this case, a personal stylist.

The personal stylist goes by the name of Manuel A Martinez. He’s been around Beyonce’s camp since 2009, but he’s been relegated to Blue’s stylist. I wonder who is easier to work with, Blue or Beyonce?

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