Okay, Janet, we see all of you! You’re the most pregnant woman of the world.

But dang! We got it — you’re eating for two.   I guess red beans and rice didn’t miss, Janet.

Oh, another message is coming in: No Wardrobe Malfunction.

I guess Janet — Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty — isn’t taking any chances. No tatas will escape. She’s wearing sensible shoes and all covered up to hide her extra pounds — I mean her baby belly.

Mmmm… I don’t know what to say. Kids like Tellutubies, even in London.

Don’t Fret. It’s not an abaya:




Folks, it’s a Y-3 Poncho and  for $1100, you can have the same look.




  1. Seriously though, it is not good for her health to have a baby or two at her age. It puts too much strain on you’re heart. Isn’t she having twins?


    1. The Jacksons are full of tricks. It could be highly likely she has a surrogate and is just being a sympathetic eater. Maybe, she has a bunch of padding under there on top of all that eating. Who knows?


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