Month: January 2016

Tyra Banks is a Mom, y’all!

Her struggle with fertility was well documented, but who knew Tyra even had a man? Apparently,  she did for two years, and they both welcome a son named, York. He was delivered via surrogate.

Hmm… York?

I might need a minute on that one.

Here are the proud parents. Tyra met the babby daddy on America’s Top Model in Europe. He’s Norwegian and is/was a photographer on the show.



Let’s Call This The Funniest Stuff Evah!

I can’t help myself but laugh at this. Here’s Glozell trying to handle a pepper. Home chick needs to leave it alone and let it be, because hot stuff is really a job for LNoel. Be prepared to roll over and die laughing.

This is ranked as #1 as the all time funny.