Month: December 2015

Mike Tyson vs The Hoverboard

It seems as if Hoverboards were under a lot of Christmas trees this year, and there was definitely one under Mike Tyson’s tree.

Place your bets right now to see if Iron Mike Tyson stands or gets taken down by the the infamous hoverboard.





This is crazy but Merry Christmas!

I guess this family will be opening present until the new year. I think this woman has three kids, and she is getting flack for going overboard. Hey, I’m wondering why she even bought a Christmas tree that size, because it’s being dwarfed by the gifts.

Seriously, there is not much to be said, than okay; it didn’t happen in the US. It was the UK for once.

Wow, It’s Christmas at the Kardashians!

Well, it’s Christmas at Kris Jenner’s home, and her housemates: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and their kids can soak it all up. It’s like Christmas exploded in that room and left remnants of Candy Canes everywhere.


It’s nice, and it’s odd. I don’t know what to make of it. I guess it looks better than mine. Heck, I can’t be bother with anything that takes more than a minute to decorate. Kudos to the decorator who did the real work.

Symmetrical Breakfast, Anyone?

Okay, I want to stretch out my arms and fall to my knees. This is just gorgeous. I run on empty on most mornings, because breakfast doesn’t mean much to me. Since, I pretty much sleepwalk till noon.

Anyway, this house husband created some beautiful morning meals for his boo, and he did it with so much creativity. It makes me want to take up breakfast.

Blog of the Week: Symmetrical Breakfasts of Michael Zee 07



People have so much to say but most are raving, but let’s hear some funny stuff:

“They both look so proper and clean. They probably have perfectly symmetrical sex in their perfectly symmetrical bedroom.”




Adelle’s Bodyguard is all the Hotness

Adelle’s bodyguard is Peter Van der Veen. How does that sound rolling off your tongue, Peter Van der Veen. I like this post from a fan:

Adele’s new bodyguard is so fine, and he looks like if you were taken, he would have a “special set of skills”

Anyway, I love this photo of him and what looks to be like Adelle’s dog, who by the way looks like a less cuter version of my dog.

Okay, where are my manners? Where is Adelle? Okay, here is Adelle with Peter Van der Veen, who by the way was the bodyguard of Lady Gaga, too, if that matters in any kind of way.