Month: August 2015

Niki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus!

Okay,it all boiled down to Niki Minaj getting a VMA award, and then she goes off on Miley Cyrus. Who does that? I know there was some twitter beef between the two, even Taylor Swift’s name was thrown in the bunch.

Still… girl get it together.

The whole thing is tacky, and my second viewing of this tirade, it all looks fake! Talk about bad acting. I guess if you can’t offer the world good music, you and Miley can do some WWE weak sauce acting.


Ariana Grande Fans Are Out For Blood!

I don’t understand why fans get their panties in a bunch over what was said about their idol, Ariana Grande. I mean they are demanding a television show be cancelled…

Seriously, is Ari writing out checks to her followers? She should, because they got her trending, when her Q score was falling after her doughnut licking-I-hate-America episode not too long ago.

If you don’t know what a Q score is, it’s just a way the powers that be determine how popular you are as a celeb. High score is good, and a low score… Well, you are probably on the Z-list.

Anyway, now Ariana Grande’s fans are mad over what Wendy Williams said about her in a re-run of her show, the Wendy Williams Show. If you don’t know Wendy, she is a talk show host, who tells it like it is. Much like this blog, with no apologies.

So way back in March — yes March — Wendy said this about Ariana.

She’s 21, and she’ll forever look 12, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean that in a. . . You know it’s nice to look young, but when you look too young. And then, you’re short. She’s 4′ 11″. I mean I don’t look at her like a woman.”

Okay, one fan finally saw the episode and got: Cancel Wendy Williams show trending.

Apparently, they didn’t like what was said about their pop princess on TV.  So, I say grow up or forever stay twelve or maybe simply turn off the TV.

If you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, see the clip. The uproar starts at: 08:40

Really, Kim?

Is Kim Kardashian that desperate to have all eyes on her? Apparently, she is, because I have seen a naked preggo photo that she fancies to post on Instagram,


Then, it’s this hot mess of a photo shoot. What, is mother in the garden, inviting everyone into the gate? Is Kim toppling over from the sheer weight of big butt? That’s a sexy fail, as photo shoots go. I will give her selfie preggo pic props, but this is not on fleek.

Poor Kim has lost her mind and Kanye never had his…


Or is Kim trying to compete with her now legal sister, Kylie Jenner? I see the hair is the same.


Lenny Kravitz Is That You?

I know what the audience members were thinking. “Damn, I get all that and a cock ring for these front row seats!”

Wow, in a nutshell, Lenny Kravitz busted loose in his sexy leather pants, and there was no underwear in sight, it was all just Lil’ Lenny flapping in the wind.

Lenny Kravitz designs for TOMS shoes.

Kenny and his man tool is all there for the price of admission. Click on link. I hope it’s still there.