Month: May 2015

Is it Real Or is It a Body by Matell?

Wow, I had to tilt my head to the side to process this. Is this real or Memorex? Oh, I’m dating myself. Anyway, this chick had nothing better to do than modify her body into a plastic toy. I wonder does a brain comes with the new body?

Human Barbie Valeriya Lukyanova Looks Like Plastic in New Spring Photo

If I saw that, I would say fake as hell, but then, I saw the knees. She must have kept them, because they show some redness. Well, Valeria Lukyanova, that’s her human name, responds to sane people.


Grandma’s Birthday

Okay, I wasn’t going to post this, because I laughed good and hard. Then, I thought and felt I was wrong. Later, I learned that grandma was okay with the whole thing. So, I say click on the video for a good old belly jiggle. Hey, it says something about being 102 or heck any age, in that you can’t take yourself too seriously.

Kylie Jenner Comes Clean

Kylie “body by Mattel” Jenner used fillers to get her plump lips, and we have Khloe Kardashian to thank. Since, she called out her sister for being tight lip on the issue. Yes, it is all going to be revealed on the brand new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kylie, says, “I have temporary lip fillers, it’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do.”

Kylie Jenner

Now, I’m wondering how are those internet challengers, who suctioned their lips to get something Kylie paid the doctor to do, feel right about now. I mean talk about drinking the koolaid. Anyway, . .

How Old Do I Look?

Well, it’s all a matter of an algorithm. That’s fancy talk for a shake of a Crazy 8 ball.  Anyway, Microsoft has developed a program that can estimate someone’s age. I’m in love with it already, because they grossly underestimated my age. No matter. I can dust off my butt, walk in a dimly lit bar, dressed like a star, and I’ll be rockin’ my F-Me pumps.

Check it out. Everyone seems to be doing it, and you know I am here to give you the heads-up. Here’s Kim Kardashian and what age she got:

website that guesses your age

Here’s the site, if you are so brave: