Month: April 2015

Mariah vs. Nick!

She's back! Mariah Carey has recharged her music career with the release of her new single Infinity on Sunday

In honor of the biggest fight ever- Paquiao vs. Mayweather, I guess pop divas got to get in on it. Mariah Carey decided to go in the ring swinging on her latest song.

Is this a woman scorned and this is her payback? You be the judge. Mariah Carey relased her latest song, and here are her lyrics:

Is it lack of ice got you so cold?/Have you ever felt this on your own?/Why you tryin’ to play like you’re so grown?/Everything you own boy you still owe.’

Mariah’s latest single sounds as if she is going after Nick, but Mariah says it isn’t so. Her song, Infinity is all about loving yourself first. Translation Mariah doesn’t insult people. She describes them accurately.

Check out the tune if you will in its entirety:

Hmmm… what can I make out from this catchy tune? I say Mariah technically wins, because she is dissing him left and right.  So, I’m 90% sure she doesn’t like Nick, but I’m a 100% sure he doesn’t care.


Another Effen Challenge!

First we had the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Food Stamp one, and now fools are doing this Kylie Jenner challenge. Okay, here’s the task, suction your lips, risk breaking your blood vessels, to obtain that full lip look.

Except, I’m thinking I got your suctioning, but where’s the collagen? I would need it if I were to do this thing. Right? Since, everything about Kylie is fake. Her hair, her boobs, her lips, and her booty,  This girl is so plastic; she was made in China.

kylie jenner plastic surgery before and after photos nose job

Still, people believe the foolery, so they try to suction their lips and post it on social media. Well, we are going to have a laugh.

Gosh, have you ever looked at someone and wondered who ties their shoes?

Wait did Grandma’s dentures slip into Drake’s mouth?

Well, I think it’s a possibiiity judging by Drake’s reaction to the UNPLANNED kiss attack. According to Drake’s people, he wasn’t offended by Madonna cougar smooch. The reason he looked disgusted was due to the barely there lipstick.

In the words of Amy Winehouse, “What kind of Fukry is that?”


Gwyneth Paltrow Is Going on Food Stamps…

AFP 538833672 E ENT CHN -

Well, it’s the Food Stamp diet of $29 that is allowed for a week of meals for one person. That equates to $1.38 per meal. Well, Gwyneth took the challenge to eat on the SNAP (formally known as food stance) allowance of $29 for a week, and we all know she will be snapping her fingers for her personal chef to whip up something fabulous. My heart breaks a little how these celebs are taking on this challenge, as if it is some fad.

The chefs who started this challenge meant well, but it should be for at least 29 days/month for the $29 they allotted for a person to eat. I don’t think they should stop at just food, because poverty extends beyond that. The person, who accepts the challenge should live the life of a person living in poverty. Only by understanding how such a existence shreds every ounce of dignity and hope in a person’s life and how physically hard it is can be, can they even begin to understand.

Gwyneth posted a snapshot of what she purchased with her $29.

View image on Twitter

Gwyneth says, “We’re walking in their shoes to know how far we can get.”

Well, excuse me, Gwynie, you’re not walking in their shoes. You are barely touching the surface.

Celebrities can choose to accept this and broadcast this to the raptors and make it the next Ice Bucket Challenge, but I believe every senator, congress person, governor and their immediate family should be forced to live a life of a person on government assistance for not one but — three months before they are allowed to pass laws that affect the poor. The only medical care they should be allowed is what Medicaid will cover. They should know what it’s like to have to live without detergent, paper products including toilet paper and toothpaste. They need to know what it’s like at the end of the month, when there is no more stretching of the dollar, and you have to go hungry or without for a couple of days at the end of the month. .

What’s Wrong With Rob?

Rob Kardashian, he’s got issues. Poor thing is a Kardashian, and they want to cash in his misery. What’s new? Well, let’s flip this switch. We have Mama Kris and Sister Kim weighing in, all pondering the poor fate of Rob. Kris pretends to care (but seriously who would want to blast their sick son’s business on national TV for ratings) and Kim just rolls her eyes. All I want to say is keep rolling your eyes Kim, maybe you’ll find your brain back there. Well, who am I kidding? I think Kim’s brain, if she ever meets up with it, will give her the silent treatment.

Here’s a noval idea, don’t talk about Rob and his personal problems on your stupid show! Don’t you have personal styles to steal, rappers to sleep with, and sex tapes to make? Don’t you have better fodder for this blog?

Sam Smith Loses Weight

Take a look at Sam Smith all slimmed down shady! He’s on some diet and the pounds just jumped off of him. Hmmm… anyway, he tweets, “Three weeks ago I met a woman who has completely changed my life. Amelia Freer has helped me lose over a stone in 2 weeks and has completely transformed my relationship with food.”
Slender: The musician has been looking visibly slimmer in recent weeks but his recent transformation has come as a shock

Okay, Sam, just as long as you don’t lose that voice.