Justin Bieber is Drinking Legal, Y’all!

Now, that he is 21 years and two weeks old. Yes, his birthday was at the beginning of the month, but the Biebs keeps pushing the party. Earlier today, he had a comedy roast in which celebs like Snoop Dog, Martha Stewart, Kevin Hart, and others took jabs on his joker lifestyle.

Naturally, he took it all in stride, then, Justin hops over to party central, Vegas with his paper cup in hand.

So ….

My question is why is Justin blowing up this 21 birthday, as if it’s something special? Seriously, he has been celebrating this birthday for two weeks straight.

Now, I must confess that I tried to celebrate my birthday for the whole month. It was my idea first, Justin, but the day after my birthday, I ran out of money and had to haul my butt back to work.

Okay, I digress. I was pondering over why 21 years of life was so party worthy for Biebs.

Well, 21 means you are of legal drinking age, and the law trusts you do be responsible in your drinking.

Translation: Drinking responsibly to Justin mostly means don’t spill the sizzurp. That’s that the purple drink that gets you leaning after a couple of ounces.

Of course, Justin isn’t seen in this picture with alcohol in hand. Maybe, he’s trying to surprise his liver and drink water. Well, time will tell. Party on, Biebs!

Justin Bieber



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