Kathy Griffin Quits! Okay, This can get Interesting!

Kathy didn’t say much, but she tweeted she’s bowing out. Apparently, she’s not liking how nasty Fashion Police has gotten, and she doesn’t feel it fits her brand of humor. Oh, if that show’s walls could talk, but all we have is speculation.

How do we fill in the blanks?

My mind races, and then I realize not giving a care has worked wonders for me.

So, right or way off track — I immediately jump to casting.

We have Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose’s feud overshadowing the show, and there does not seem to be any signs of intelligent life between those two.

Perhaps, Kathy knows the producers are salivating over this bodacious Booty Duo. Perhaps, they can’t make up their simple minds, so they are entertaining the thought of bringing them both on-board. We know it would be must see reality TV train wreck — to have both Amber and Khloe on the panel.  Meow!

So, Kathy must have debated to stay or to go? If she stayed, she would have to put herself into a drunken stupor in order to avoid listening to the Booty Duo try to talk and breathe at the same time. Sadly, she chose her health. That’s the story. You heard it here first!


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