Round Two! Amber and Khloe Fight for Fashion Police!

Wow, these two are now duking it out for a J-O-B! Well, it’s not any gig, it’s to be a commentator on Fashion Police. Some time ago, Khloe Kardashian was asked to do the show, but she turned it down.

Flash forward — Kelly Osbourn quits and a slot is magically available. Names are tossed out and Amber is one of them and so is Khloe.

Hold up — wait a minute!

The thirst gets real.

Now, that Amber is in the running, rumor has it that Khloe is saying she’ll work on the show for free. OMG! Who does that?

A rich witch, I’ll tell you.

Really, Khloe? You had your stab at this gig, but you didn’t want it. Initially, you said it didn’t pay enough coins — now, you want to work for free?

Look, is clear what this is about — Big Booty Revenge.

Somehow, Khloe got butt hurt, because Amber Rose called out her sisters, Kylie and Kim.

Amber won those battles. Now, it’s personal; I guess.

Who can forget that the Kardashian’s signed that $80 to $100 million contract, Khloe doesn’t need the job, but that gig would mean a whole lot to Amber. Plus, Khloe had her chance at hosting a show with the X Factor, and she bombed. MISERABLY!

If the Powers That Be are listening — hear this:

Amber Rose needs a shot. She needs a come-up!

My goodness, Khloe is like that one crazy wheel on a grocery cart that needs to stay in its lane.


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