Prince Harry Dating Emma Watson

Okay, this is just a rumor, but if this is true.. I must say they make a cute couple. In my head, I picture they have some sort of mutual fairy godmother, who matched them. On the surface, this sounds nice, but I think Harry is too fast for Emma. Still, they look good in pictures. Supposedly, this all started after Emma broke up with her boyfriend, and Harry sent her a letter/email to say ‘What’s up? Holler at a brotha, Ma.’

Who really knows if any of this is true, but it’s nice to see a new interesting couple. Personally, William and Kate bore me, but I always liked Harry. Plus, his girlfriends all seem to be perfect matches for him. Still, I haven’t seen a picture of Harry and Emma together, so this is all filed under the rumor mill. Besides, aren’t Henry’s girlfriends all blonde?

Did this chick traded in Harry Potter for Harry Windsor?


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