Month: December 2014

$150,000.00!!!! Seriously, that is what it takes to look like Kim Kardashian!

Well, that’s according to a man, who spent $150,000 to look just like his idol. We know where this road leads — a train wreck! This one is the worst, and I feel sorry for him. All I can hope is that he is satisfied, because that’s all that matters. If he is happy, right?

If you’re interested in whether $150,000  makes you look like Kim K then:

Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner — It’s Heating Up!

Apparently, Chris is through with his ex and is starting something with Kendall. Well, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Justin Beiber, yes, Biebs are all down in Washington along with Chris. Hmm.. it seems Hailey and Justin might be just friends are more than that. Stay tuned.

Here’s Kendall and Haile:

Now, Justin and Chris:

The Duke and Dutches Meet the KIng, James that Is….

Yes, they meet me Le Bron, and Kate gets personal with his sweaty armpit.

The King and the Royals
Do I notice a slight body freeze from her? She’s closing off her body and putting on a fake smile. Hey, she’s standing next to NBA royalty, albeit a sweaty-right-after-the-game-Le-Bron.  Well, she gets paid to this.  I say suck it up!